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Suit Up in Uganda

Camp Caleb 2013 Feedback: 

The camp was amazing! The topic was so well chosen. The brothers built new bonds and deeper friendships and the fellowship was beyond what words can describe. What more could anyone ask for?

This was my first visit to your Men's Camp and I would have to say that it changed me. I have to admit... It was nothing like I expected and if you told me in advance that we would have this certain schedule I may have thought twice about coming. Since I have gotten home, I am proud to tell everyone how much I enjoyed it and more importantly learned from being there.

The "Calvary" rides on in splendor. I have made all the "Camp Caleb" men's ministries since it was organized. This year was the one of the most informative and learned one yet. You are to be congratulated for your leadership in this endeavor along with your selection of the "coaches" . Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work and I THINK I still have a lot REDEEMING to do. 

WOW!  This was my first ever Church related camp. I was baptized March 10, 2012.  Brother Jeff S. shared his message on Life;  "just add water" . During this camp I was blessed with the "Water of Life" through my Brother's. Thank you. 
ps;  Our camp was very well organized and the food was great, thanks to all the hard work of our Brother's.


I really enjoyed the camp and will be back next year.  I liked the football theme and analogies to sports.  Thanks for all of your hard work.  I’m sure it’s very time consuming planning the weekend down to the small details. God bless your ministry.  You are a blessing to the men at Wildwood.


Loved the music and the chance to build and expand relationships with those in Christ.  The small groups really helped in getting to know brothers a lot more intimately.  


 My favorite memory of camp 2013: Forest Turbeville! Not so much for what he said or did AT camp, but a week later, November 3rd to be exact, Forest came up me and apologized for getting emotional. We went on to explain that Sue getting a helmet sticker started it. Then getting the Reed Campbell Game Changer Award compounded it. Then, what really got to him, was looking out into the crowd and seeing the men who stepped up to heal drive he and Sue around when he wasn't able to take care of his family...Of course he couldn't get through the apology for being emotional without getting emotional all over again. 
Forest, I love you brother! Someone somewhere in that group of men needed, maybe even LONGED, to know that as a man, a man's man, it's okay to get emotional. It's okay to be emotional and it's okay to call on their family, their brother's and sister's in Christ Jesus to come back them up when things are about get tough. No different then when you called for another brother in blue to back you up on the streets. Forest, I thank you! I thank for your service to your country, your community, your church and your family! I thank for being an example to each and every man in that room of what it means to be MAN. You keep "Just Holdin' On" brother!


Father & Son Camp

A simple, but intentional, encouragement to fathers and sons. After Jeff's lesson on Saturday, there was a father and son who came up to me and said, "this is awesome." The points of H.O.P.E (humility, obedience, prayer, and eternal), as well as DAD and SON acronym were both memorable and applicable. It was intentional, simple, timely, applicable, and encouraging.

Calvin Taylor              
Church Project Youth Pastor              

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Over 80 dads and over 100 daughters heard message of the importance of dads and their role in the lives of their daughters.  Dinner was held Friday night January 30 at Church Project in the Woodlands, TX. Jeff Springer,  president and founder of Suit Up Ministries was the keynote speaker.

"Everything we do for an event is meant to be very purposeful. Jeff Springer was a great addition to our Daddy Daughter Night itinerary! He speaks from the heart and dads appreciated the practical perspective and proven experience he has regarding the balance of being a dad, working professional and spiritual leader. Privileged to have him as a guest speaker." - John Shaw, Lead Children's Pastor, Church Project

Click the link below to see pictures from the event.